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Individual investigator miniature matching Arkham Horror LCG

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Miniatures with the silhuettes of Arkham Horror LCG investigators designed by Yves Tourigny.

Choose the investigator you need from any cycle or expansion.

SIZE: Each investigator miniature measures approximately 50mm high by 25mm base.

Manufactured in high quality 3mm thick acrylic.


  • Roland Banks
  • Wendy Adams
  • "Skids" O'Toole
  • Agnes Baker
  • Daisy Walker
  • Rex Murphy
  • Jenny Barnes
  • Zoeay Samaras
  • "Ashcan" Pete/Duke
  • Jim Culver
  • Sister Mary
  • Amanda Sharpe
  • Silas Marsh
  • Trish Scarborough
  • Dexter Drake
  • Sefina Rousseau
  • Akachi Onyele
  • Lola Hayes
  • William Yorick
  • Mark Harrigan
  • Minh Thi Phan
  • Leo Anderson
  • Ursula Downs
  • Father Mateo
  • Finn Edwards
  • Calvin Wright
  • Daniela Reyes
  • Norman Withers
  • Bob Jenkins
  • Monterey Jack
  • Lily Chen
  • Carolyn Fern
  • Joe Diamond
  • Preston Falmont
  • Rita Young
  • Marie Lambeau
  • Diana Stanley
  • Tommy Muldoon
  • Mandy Thompson
  • Patrica Hathaway
  • Luke Robinson
  • Troy Morgan
  • Nathaniel Cho
  • Jaqueline Fine
  • Stella Clarck
  • Winifred Habbamock
  • Harvey Walters
  • Bark Harrigan
  • "Skids" O'Drool
  • Duke
  • Kate Winthpup
  • Jerome Davids
  • Penny White
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