Set of 28 medieval-style doors, matching miniatures games such as Zombicide The Black Plague.

The set contains everything you need for mounting:

– 28 gates with 3 different designs in medieval-style
– 20 neutral door bases
– 2 bases for blue doors
– 2 bases for green doors
– 2 yellow Vault doors
-2 Purple Vault doors

You will get several die-cut plates ready to be easily mounted, you only need to fit the pieces in the base and choose the model of door you want.                                  We recommend the use of some white glue to make a lasting bond.

Manufactured in high quality MDF 3mm thick, with laser engraved details. Some parts are hand painted.

SIZE: Bases, approximately 28 x 30 mm . Doors, around 40mm high.

Additional information

Weight 0.360 kg

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