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Boardgame accessories.


Do you enjoy meeting your friends around the table with all kind of games? So do we!

For years, we’ve combined our love for boardgames, cardgames, wargames, rol and miniatures with our engineering jobs. But we lacked time to play all the games we’d like. Lord Vader had the answer: “Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy”.  At funnymonkeythings we’ve got to turn our passion into our profession.

We are a spanish company specialized in boardgame accessories. We design, produce and distribute all kind of high quality boardgame accessories and upgrades:  tokens, counters, templates, inserts, organizers, boxes and scenery. Have a look at all our products in our shop.

We use both our technical knowledge and our love of games in  order to create an unique game experience. All our boardgame accessories are designed and tested to ensure you:  

    • An improved game experience
    • More fluent games
    • Sharing fun with your friends
    • Personalization and exclusivity of your games
    • Increased usability
    • Easier organization and set up

At funnymonkeythings we make a large variety of accessories for your games:  boardgames, card games, dice games, wargames, rolminiatures, etc. We also offer solutions to create your own games or print and play.

Some of our favorite are X-Wing, Destiny, Guildball, Descent, Krosmaster, Arkham Horror, Dead of Winter, Walking Dead, Zombicide, L5R, Warhammer 40K… Check all the games.

We are currently developing new and improved boardgame accessories: check our website to find out the last releases. Go further and ask for personalized designs, exclusive for you or your gaming mates. Contact us, we’ll be glad to help you.

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